How to Back Up a Trailer

I can chew gum and walk at the same time. I can juggle three tennis balls. I used to be able to stand on my head, but now I pass out. But it took some practice to learn how to back up with a trailer attached to my truck. The shorter the trailer, the harder it was. Physics experts understand that stuff, but I sucked at Physics. The good news is that I am now an expert at backing a trailer and I was just a high "B" student in school. Here are the secrets:

1. Make sure the trailer is properly attached to your truck (very basic, I know)

2. Decide which way you want the trailer to go

3. Turn the steering wheel the opposite way you want the trailer to go and start to back up (slowly)

4. Watch the it starts to turn towards your target it is time to go against human turn the wheel in the same direction you want the trailer to go as you continue to back up (slowly). This is where most people screw up: they wait too long to turn in the same direction or they do it too soon and the trailer straightens up, causing you to miss your target and look like a fool to friends and family.

That is really all there is to it. There are plenty of bent trailer hitches, trailer tongues and tailgates that could have been saved if the owners had just had this valuable advice from the guru before they tried to back up a trailer. Now they have no excuse.
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