Shocking News!

Your 60,000 mile car needs more than just an oil change, a timing belt, a transmission service, etc. We don't hear about these long neglected parts very much these days. I really don't know why. We all drive farther, faster and harder. These parts wear out, but their slow death is not very evident because we are so busy texting and driving like maniacs---Until one day, we hit that curve just a little too fast and BAM, we are hitting the ditch after spinning around seven times. What is the shocking news---why, it's your SHOCKS of course. I am restoring a 1965 Volvo P1800S (google's a really cool looking car). It drove awful, so I installed a new set of shocks, in addition to new tires. What an amazing transformation. It drives like a new car now. That's what new shocks can do for your car---make it ride and drive like new again. Springs rarely wear out, but shocks do. If your shocks are leaking fluid, they are shot. Get new ones NOW. If they are spongy feeling (when you push down hard on the corner of your car, does it bounce once and stop or does it keep moving), get new ones NOW. New shocks can improve handling, braking and the safety of your car. Failure to pay attention to them could result in some really shocking news--"hey honey....I wrecked the car today"

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