The Truth About Insurance Adjusters

I had a “run in” with an insurance adjuster this week. I’m sure you know what I mean by “run in” and what it can be like when dealing with some insurance adjusters. But that was an exception to the rule as far as my experience is concerned. I appreciate and respect what insurance adjusters do and how difficult it is to do the job well. What we should keep in mind is that it is not easy being an insurance adjuster. They have a thankless job—always dealing with situations where things have gone wrong. It can’t be easy. We buy car insurance and homeowners insurance and our hope is that we never have to use it. But when we do, that’s when the adjuster steps in. I also own a body shop (the Lawson Collision Center next to Pal’s near Wal-Mart). In a body shop, you have two customers—the one whose car is wrecked and the one who is paying for it, the insurance company.  I see firsthand how important insurance adjusters are and how they are so under-appreciated by the general public. My roof shingles were destroyed a few years ago due to a hailstorm. I had a check in hand within one week to repair my roof (it took five months to get someone to fix it). It was the adjuster that made it happen that fast, not the company he worked for. I once had over 60 vehicles vandalized one Halloween night at my car dealership—all new and all scratched on most body panels. Insurance adjusters took fast action to allow me to fix or drastically discount the vehicles so we could survive such a devastating loss.
Insurance adjusters are paid to settle claims. Time is enemy, because if a claim is delayed, the backlog can build up quickly—which means disgruntled customers and bosses. The good adjusters (which includes most of them) work very hard to be fair, fast and friendly. They want you to be satisfied and continue to pay your premiums, but they also have to follow the policy that you purchased. So when things don’t go as you had wished during the claims process, it is probably because you didn’t read the policy to begin with, not because the adjuster is trying to abuse you. So in that regard, it is critical to read and understand your coverages.
I have known a lot of insurance adjusters over the years. I consider some of them good friends. From what I have seen, the major insurance carriers in this area are well served by the insurance adjusters who work for them. The adjusters I have had issues with are typically representing the “internet based” insurance companies who have no agents or adjusters living in this area. I have found that the more bureaucracy you have between you and the decision makers, the more likely you will not be satisfied. Just another reason to buy local, and that includes insurance.
Yes….I had a run in with an insurance adjuster, but when it was all said and done, I am still loyal and appreciative of the job they do for their customers….but I wouldn’t have their job if you gave it to me!
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