Water Belongs Outside the Vehicle


When I got my new F250, I got it all cleaned up and drove it home after work--it was the brand new 2017 model. The weather was so nice I decided to do something I seldom do--I opened the sunroof. It was very pleasant....only one problem...I left it open all night....in the rain...a hard rain...until I discovered it the next morning. My entire interior was soaked. There was standing water on my leather seats and my carpet was saturated. Thank goodness the rain could not get to my instrument panel. I immediately drove my truck to the dealership, called in a mechanic and he took out the seats, the console, the carpet and everything else that was wet. We got these big shop fans and blew them into the cabin from both sides. We stripped the leather off of all of the seats and tried to dry everything with towels. I ended up having to replace the leather on the seats, but that's it. Everything else dried out and the wiring was never affected. 

Such is not the case when a car is totally submerged in water. When the computers and wiring get invaded by water, they are ruined. The seats, headliner and carpet can be dried out, but more often than not, they develop mold and mildew which stinks up the interior over time. That could have happened to my truck as well if I hadn't stripped everything out and let it dry. 

If this ever happens to you, don't take any shortcuts. Leaving water in a car (even minute amounts) can cause a lot of problems down the road. My truck is fine now, but my feelings are still hurt...and I greatly dislike sunroofs!
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