We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes. We ordered a filter for a customer’s 2013 Mercedes GLK from a local aftermarket parts store. We were performing an oil change, and needed the correct oil filter for that vehicle. They sent us a filter which we installed. THE BAD NEWS….it was the wrong filter. A little over 1000 miles of driving is all it took to destroy the engine. Who paid for it?---The insurance company of the parts store, at a total cost of just under $18,000.  The problem was resolved and the customer ended up satisfied, but what a nightmare! You can avoid issues like this one if you just don’t make any of the following mistakes:
1. don’t forget to check your oil between oil changes
2. don’t procrastinate when it comes to scheduled maintenance
3. don’t ignore your  cars warning lights
4. don’t drive your car when it overheats
5. regularly check your tire pressures
6. don’t put off regular fluid checks and replacements
7. don’t forget your air and fuel filter
8. take your car to a qualified (and fully insured) service center
9. don’t buy generic parts for your car
10.   don’t attempt to fix your own car unless you know what you are doing
That’s a lot of “don’ts”….but you can avoid a lot of pain if you follow them.
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