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Car Shopper’s Guide to Finding the Right Vehicle in Greeneville, TN


How to Find the Right Vehicle For You


Car Shopper's Guide to Finding the Right Vehicle at Gateway Nissan

If you're wondering how to buy a car in Greeneville, Tennessee, we can make the process simple and easy here at Gateway Nissan. There are certain steps you can take to identify the model you need and the price you should plan for, so follow this guide to find the car that's right for you.


Identifying Your Needs

To get started, determine what you need your vehicle for. While transportation is the obvious reason, there may be other roles or specialties that your vehicle should be equipped for. If you frequently drive with family and friends onboard, a large SUV could be the right choice for your situation. If you have to tow a trailer or carry heavy cargo, then a truck could provide the power you need, and if fuel efficiency and convenience are the priorities on your checklist, then a compact SUV or sedan is worth a closer look. Safety, efficiency, and reliability are all important qualities for modern vehicles, so keep these categories in mind as you research vehicles that have the space, features, and capabilities you're looking for.


How to Set a Budget for Your Next Car

If you set a budget in advance, you can avoid spending more than you should on your next vehicle. You can also narrow down your options by excluding the models that exceed your budget. Conventional wisdom suggests keeping your transportation costs under 15 percent of your monthly expenses.


What Costs to Consider When Shopping for a Car

As you set your budget, remember that the number you see on the price tag isn't the only cost associated with owning a vehicle. Consider the true cost of ownership (TCO), which is made up of several factors - the actual price, insurance rate, fuel costs, maintenance, and interest on the auto loan. To see what your insurance costs could be, request a quote from your insurance company.


What Costs to Consider When Shopping for a Car

For a purchase as important as your next car, it makes sense to try it before you buy. When you have a model or two in mind, schedule a test drive in advance to ensure it's ready at the dealership. During the test drive, ask yourself if you would enjoy driving the vehicle every day for years in the future. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it comfortable with all the space you and your passengers need?
  • How is the handling? Are the steering and brakes responsive?
  • Is the ride as smooth or sporty as you want?
  • How is driver visibility?

How to Get an Auto Loan

To complete your purchase, you may need to secure an auto loan. When you finance a car purchase, the lender will check factors like your credit score to decide how much money they can allow you to borrow. You'll then have a set period of time (usually 36, 48, or 60 months) to repay the loan along with interest.

Different loan types can help lenders in different situations. If this is your first car purchase, you might be able to utilize a first-time car buyer's loan, which may come with a lower down payment or waived application fees. You can also use the value of your current vehicle to purchase the one you want to buy, so use our Value Your Trade tool to see how a trade-in can help.


How to Choose the Right Car

Once you're finished with the test drive, you should have the insight you need to make a decision. You don't have to make your choice right away, though. It's fine to sleep on it or talk with the team. If all the essentials like safety and price point are accounted for in each option, consider which model suits your sense of style, or which vehicle comes with more of the features you know you'll enjoy now and down the road.


How to Choose the Right Car

Whenever you're ready to find the right model for your needs, you can count on our experts to help with every step of the way at Gateway Nissan. Call or come see us at 1055 W. Andrew Johnson Highway, Greeneville, Tennessee 37745.